Magnetic Knife Holders

A magnetic knife holder is one amazing way to hold, display and protect your fine cutlery – if it’s the right kind and it is used properly.

If you research magnetic knife holders online you’ll likely find all kinds of comments from users. Some love them and some hate them. I’ve seen comments where it was claimed that using a magnetic holder weakened the knife resulting in the knife actually breaking. I’ve read claims that magnets would damage the edge on a knife – even cause a molecular change in the steel.

I will not argue with anyone who has had a bad experience with a magnetic knife holder, but I will say that we have used them for years with no problems. Everything has the potential of being misused and abused – knives and magnetic holders are no exception.

So – if you are considering a magnetic style holder I want to offer a few tips for their use right up front.

First of all, the magnetic holders we use are wooden with the magnets recessed in the back.

This means that the knife can only ever come in contact with the wood. That translates into your knife blade and edge never coming into contact with anything metallic on the holder.

It is pointless to me to store a sharp tool like a knife in a way that will damage the edge. A knife is only as good as the edge and the edge is only good if it’s sharp! Why would you want to risk denting or damaging the edge on a block of aluminum and steel? Yeah, I don’t know either…

My recommendation is if you’re going to go for a magnetic holder, get a wooden one.

Secondly, learn how to place the knife on the holder without touching the edge to the block.

Dragging the edge across anything has the effect of dulling the edge – so don’t do it. When you place your knife on a magnetic holder, approach the block with the knife positioned just as it will be when it’s secured to the block. That means nearly parallel to the holder. You might even want to angle the edge away from the block slightly just to ensure it doesn’t hit as you mount the knife to the block.

Another method is to bring the tip of the knife over the magnet area and slide the knife down and toward the holder until the widest part of the blade is securely held in place – all the while keeping the flat of the knife parallel to the magnet surface so that the edge is always protected.

If you just slap the knife on to the holder carelessly you might end up with gouges in your holder, dents in your edge, or worse.

Thirdly, make sure the magnetic knife holder is secure.

What do I mean? If it’s mounted on the wall, make sure it’s not loose. You don’t want the holder coming off the wall.

If it’s a block that sits on the counter you may want to support it with your free hand while placing and removing knives.

And of course if your holder uses magnets to hold itself to the side of an appliance, just make sure you aren’t accidentally pulling the holder away from it’s supporting surface or sliding it around in use.

Fourth – train your guests!

Realize that not everyone has the privilege of using a magnetic knife holder at home and they may not be familiar with the proper use and care.

If you have guests over and they’re helping out in your kitchen and using your knives – take a few moments to introduce them to your knife holder and fine knives. That way there won’t be any nasty surprises and they’ll likely leave your kitchen with plans on getting a magnetic knife storage solution of their very own!

And last of all – SAFETY.

I’ve already mentioned it but safety with your knives is critical. A knife is a tool and for it to be most useful it needs to be sharp.

Sharp tools are dangerous and should be handled accordingly. Treat your knives and your magnetic knife storage solution with respect and you’ll enjoy having your knives nicely displayed, always within reach and protected from damage!