About Me

RobertPedersenWelcome to MagneticKnifeHolder.org! I’m Robert Pedersen, the creator of this site and a lover of all things magnetic – and I like knives too!

My interest in holding knives magnetically came to me nearly 10 years ago when my in-laws moved into a smaller home and didn’t have the counter top space they’d enjoyed in their old kitchen.

Additionally, my father-in-law has a love for knives of all sorts and when he discovered the Shun and Miyabi kitchen knives he soon had a collection of them.

Fine knives require a fine storage solution and putting them into and pulling them out of their original packaging can get really old. Their old knife block was full and wouldn’t hold the larger Japanese knives anyway.

So… one day I happened to think about the possibility of recessing a magnet or several in the back of a wooden slab of some sort and then placing a few magnets on the same side of the board to hold it to the side of the microwave.

I glued up some walnut with alternating thin maple strips, recessing the magnets in the center of the walnut strips. After recessing the magnets, sanding smooth and applying mineral oil to the wood, I had an attractive board that would hold the wide Shun and Miyabi kitchen knives and the smaller ones as well.

Magnets held it to the microwave and the father-in-law could show off his fancy kitchen knives and didn’t have to mess with the old boxes or worse, stick them in a drawer to get banged around – don’t ever do that…

It also provided me easy access to the good knives – so it was a win for everyone!

Since then, I’ve come up with some other designs – partly prompted by the demise of the microwave.

While I can’t say for sure, I suspect that strong magnets on the side of the unit by the controls might affect the microwave.  Anyway, it died and I figured it might be time to come up with a different solution.

Magnetic Knife BlockMy next design was a rotating magnetic block that would     hold 8 knives.  I built 3 of these for Christmas gifts for my wife’s side of the family and I think they were a success – I haven’t heard any negatives – and no one gave them back!

Since then I’ve built the simple wooden magnetic strip    holders as well.

Then I started looking around online to see what was   available for magnetic knife blocks or holders.  I didn’t find   too many different options.

Additionally I found many people were confused about the effects of magnetism on knives and other tools an were wondering which knife blocks were good or bad.

I decided to create this site to offer some clarity to questions you might have about magnetic knife holders – and offer my custom knife holders for sale.

While I’m not quite ready to sell knife holders – still in development, I can unequivocally state that magnetic knife holders are THE way to hold your fine kitchen knives.

So take a look around and if you don’t find answers to your questions, contact me and I’ll do my best to help!

Thanks for visiting!

To fine knives beautifully displayed,