Magnetic Knife Holder vs Block

Many people wonder what might be the advantage of a magnetic knife holder over a traditional knife block.

In my mind there are several reasons.

First of all is sharpness.

Every time you slide your knife’s edge in and out of that block of wood, you’re dulling the edge. Is it significant? Probably not, but for me personally, I don’t want anything touching the edge of my knife that I don’t intend to cut.

In our old block I started putting the knives in with the edge up so that the edge wouldn’t be dragged along the bottom of the wooden slot. That’s one solution if you already have a block and are undecided about buying a magnetic knife holder.

Secondly, if you ever look at all the knife handles sticking out of your block and wonder which one is which… a magnetic knife holder might be for you.

Several of our knives have identical handles and the blade widths are about the same near the handle. The only way to know which knife you’re pulling out of the block is to pull it out part way and look at it. Huge problem? No, but again a magnetic knife holder displays your kitchen cutlery so nicely and you always know exactly which of your fine knives you’re getting every time.

Third – display.

I like knives and if you’re reading this, you probably do too. They are essential kitchen tools and there is nothing finer than cooking in a kitchen that is equipped with high quality, razor sharp cutlery. Ok, maybe there are some things even better, but we’ll stick to talking about knives here. 😉

Some of the more beautiful knives on the market these days are the Shun and Miyabi and Wusthof among others.

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Now if you’re going to spend the money to have fine knives in your kitchen, why would you hide them in a block? Or worse yet a drawer?

Put them on a magnetic knife holder where they’re beautifully displayed, easily accessible and safely stored at the ready!

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